Center for Wholeness of Being :: Denise K


Meditation is about experiencing the real happiness that comes from being free from mental suffering (i.e. anxiety) and being open to what is.

In meditating, the goal is to bring awakening, or true self-awareness, into every moment of life. Through an on-going practice of bringing awareness to the many layers of experience, including breath, physical sensations, feelings, thoughts, one becomes grounded in the body. Living in an embodied way, we can be fully present moment to moment. It is a way of being whole.

Meditation helps us to develop the “witness self,” which is the ability to sense or feel whatever is arising in a given moment and to observe or witness at the same time. This skill allows us to “be with” whatever is occurring in the body without grasping, resisting or contracting.

The inner awareness and exploration that comes from “being with” can enable a better understanding of our beliefs and our patterns of thought and behavior.

A practice of inner awareness, exploration and gentle attention (to feelings, sensations and thoughts) can transform and/or lessen physical and emotional discomfort or pain.

As the practice of meditation deepens and thoughts are less intrusive, we become more open to, and more able to sustain connection with that which goes beyond the personal or individual - the transpersonal.