Center for Wholeness of Being :: Denise K

Denise is a licensed independent clinical social worker with a private practice in Beverly, MA. She sees people individually and in groups, and specializes in depression, anxiety, and trauma.

She has a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy (1991) and a Masters in Social Work (1997).

She is a practitioner of Internal Family Systems, Brain Spotting & EMDR which she uses in the treatment of trauma, anxiety & depression.

She has been practicing meditation for 45 years and teaching meditation groups for over 15 years. Her meditation practice includes Vipassana or Insight Meditation, and meditation from the yogic traditions.

She studied shamanism for ten years and presently teaches others how to "Journey" in order to access their inner guidance and wisdom.  She practices energy work within the shamanic tradition and guides others to retrieve lost parts of self.

She is a sound healer and uses the sound of the crystal bowl to enhance processes in client's psychological work.

She is certified as a Life Force Yoga(R) Practitioner Level 1 and teaches people who struggle with anxiety and/or depression how to manage their anxiety or mood through breath, sound and movement.

“My experience has shown me that psychotherapy, meditation, yoga and shamanism, have much in common although they appear to be different approaches. All assist us in living in an embodied way and in moment-to-moment awareness. All three assist us in healing wounds and deepening connection to spirit.”


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I am committed and passionate about guiding, teaching and supporting others who wish to meet their life with their eyes open, and to find more whole ways of being in the world

~ Denise Koelsch LICSW